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Adrenal Problems

Natural treatments for Adrenal Problems. The causes of adrenal fatigue that overwork the adrenal glands include: a poor diet, physical trauma or injury, chemicals and other toxins and infections. Both the inner and outer parts of the adrenal gland affect our blood pressure. The onset of this condition is often slow and insidious. Fluctuating heart rhythms will usually accompany adrenal problems Adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion is one of the most under diagnosed illnesses in western society. The Symptoms of Adrenal Gland Problems. Although they are small, the adrenal glands play a major role in a person's overall health. Mild adrenal problems can be counteracted through dietary changes to help regulate blood sugar. Learn more about adrenal fatigue syndrome, causes, symptoms, nutritional recommendations, role of diet and exercise.

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