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About the Thisisnatural.com Marketplace Program 

Do you represent a Manufacturer, Community Project or does your business distribute or retail natural or organic products? Join our Wholesale & Marketplace Marketing and Distribution E-Commerce Distribtution System. 

Make their products available to our passionate community of natural health enthusiasts, partner websites and loyal consumers. Both our community and our values are based on the health value, fair trade, traceability and sustainability of a given product.

Our community believes in natural products that have been grown and processed without the use of GMO’s, chemicals or pesticides. Our company demonstrates a commitment to creating and managing an Internet marketplace encouraging competition and value in pure natural and certified organic choices at reasonable prices assured by our close relationships with the supply chain. 

Interested in Offering the marketplace wholesale and retail pricing? 

Please tell us more about your products marketplace@thisisnatural.com ... 
  • Please provide a link to your About Us / Brand Values page
  • Website links to Prices or Catalogue Documents  
  • Content Links to product information 
  • We will send you a copy  of current Standards deemed acceptable and un-acceptable by the ThisIsNatural.com community.
  • Advocate with us for campaigns for truth in labelling such as transparent info on chemicals, GMO's, synthetics, artificial flavors and so forth (the forth is a long list).
  • We expect and have a mission to be the Marketplace for Certified Organic and Clean Label Natural Brands. We expect & encourage Consumer advocacy that when a product label on our website says it is natural, there is absolutely no choice in the matter, it is! Please ensure your product is Certicied Organic or a Clean Label Natural formula is before applying to join the marketplace

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