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    Can-C Plus ProFound 90 Capsules - Non Carcinine
    Can C Eye-drops heralded a new, exciting and innovative approach to the treatment of cataracts. The success of Can C Eye-drops has been unparalleled, its inventors, Innovative Vision Products (IVP), have made Can C Eye-drops even more effective and the result is the development of Can C Plus - a new and unique formula taken orally in capsule form that has been designed to support and enhance the actions of Can C Eye-drops. Learn More
    Can C Eye-drops is the most recent innovation in the battle against cataracts. The success of Can C Eye-drops is evident in the happiness of hundreds of people who had been suffering from the darkness brought on by cataracts. Innovative Vision Products (IVP) who are the creators of this product have been conducting extensive research to make this bestseller even more effective and lead to the development of Can C Plus - a new and unique formula which can be taken orally. This is a capsule that has successfully enhanced the beneficial outcomes of Can C Eye-drops. Learn More
    TA-65: the world’s first proven telomerase activator
    TA-65 is a nutritional supplement not a drug and we make no claims that it prevents or treats any disease. TA-65 is proven to activate telomerase which keeps cells functioning healthily as we age. After 90 days of use, many patients reports an increase in energy levels, improved vision, improved sexual drive and less gray hair etc., but the time period and effects do vary from individual to individual. Learn More


    5HTP or 5-hydroxy-tryptophan
    Learn More
    Australian Bush Flower Essences Sexuality
    Negative Condition:
    -shame -uptight About Sexuality -fear Of Intimacy -lack Of Sensitivity
    -emotional Effects Of Sexual Abuse
    Positive Outcome:
    -renews Passion -sensuality -enjoy Touch And Intimacy -self Acceptance
    Learn More
    Sandalwood Hand & Body Lotion with Cardamom & Mandarin (50 gm)
    Rich, emollient, softening and moisturising – this tantalizing all purpose lotion has it all. Learn More
    1st Line -  Infection Fighter -Broad spectrum antimicrobial
    1st Line is a scientific breakthrough discovery in the fight against everyday infections. The science is based on a thiocyanate solution now patented technology invented by British chemist Richard Stead.
    The infection fighting capabilities of thiocyanates are impressive. Not only do they offer a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity (active against both gram negative and gram positive bacteria) but they are also effective against viruses, yeasts and fungi - none of which respond to antibiotics. This means that the number of pathogens against which thiocyanates are effective against is much wider than that of antibiotics and includes some of the most common global infections such as Staphylococcus aureus, Campylobacter jejuni, Escherichia coli, Haemophilus influenza, Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella. Learn More



    Andro Pro – The Natural Testosterone Enhancer
    with Fructoborate and Vitamin B6 Learn More
    Thyreogen - peptide bioregulator Thyroid
    A Russian research group is showing that Peptide therapy is relatively cheap, highly specific, can be taken orally and doesn’t require any suppression of the immune system to operate fully.

    Each of the concentrated peptide bioregulators in Thyreogen interact with particular strands of DNA - effectively and very specifically activating repair and regenerative processes for the Thyroid

    Key features of Thyreogen - peptide bioregulator for Thyroid.
    - New type of nutritional supplement based on the discovery by Professor Khavinson that each organ or bodily function has its own unique peptide bio-regulator.
    - Taken orally, the peptides are completely absorbed through the blood stream and delivered directly to blood vessels where it is subsequently delivered to the Thyroid.
    - Triggers & activates the DNA responsible for repair and regenerative processes
    - Natural, Non toxic ingredients.
    - Peptide naturl ingredient Danish (EU) sourced.
    - Thyreogen is Registered on the Russian market as a food supplement.
    - Developed and researched for decades.
    - Clinically tested on thousands of individuals.
    - Replaces the peptide biogregulators lost to ageing and other factors.
    - No adverse side effects or contraindications.
    - Absorbed easily via the digestive system.
    - Nutritionally exact role as Thyroid peptide bioregulators that occur naturally in the human body.

    Peptide bioregulators were first discovered in the 1980s by professor Vladimir Khavinson, a doctor working on behalf of the Kremlin to devise palliative care medicines for army veterans.

    Now you can benefit from this secret research for your Thyroid! This new type of DNA activating supplement is the result of two decades of highly financed research with a wide array of peer reviews published research papers demonstrating the clinical results of Vladimir proven remarkable link between short chain peptides and DNA. This clinical data shows that the peptides in Ventfort act on the blood vessels to ‘encourage it' to become active and effectively ‘younger’ by triggering / activating the DNA responsible related to the Thyroid.

    Learn More
    Organic Everyday Moisturizer

    Organic Everyday Moisturizer


    Winner of Natural Solutions
    Learn More
     Certified Organic Shea Butter
    Thisisnatural.com Shea (Refined) Organic Body Butter is one of the primary active ingredients within the Shea plant is the Rich presence of cinnamon acid. Shea butter is also known to protect the skin from UV rays and therefore can be used as one of your primary sun skin care products. Learn More
    Bio-Clip Cuff

    Bio-Clip Cuff


    Bio-Clip Cuff is a non-invasive device that simply attaches via a regular blood pressure cuff to your arm. By simply pressing the start key you’ll know the status of your cardiovascular health and over time you can keep a check on your arteries to ensure they are staying healthy.

    Bio-Clip CUFF has enabled arterial wave velocity testing- previously the domain of clinics and hospitals to become so affordable and easy to use, that folks at home can check their own arterial stiffness and make sure that their lifestyle and supplements are benefiting their arterial condition. Learn More
    Youth Gems Serum

    Youth Gems Serum


    Youth Gems® Serum
    Learn More
    Natracare - Regular Tampons

    Natracare - Regular Tampons


    Natracare organic all-cotton tampons 20 tampons 100% cotton certified organic non-chlorine bleached regular absorbency organic standard soil association. Learn More
    Facial Cleansing Oil Coconut, Avocado & Honey infused with Ylang Ylang (100 gm)
    Cleansing, skin-loving oils which are easily absorbed into your skin to remove impurities and clean pores. Learn More
    Curcumin-Pro Tumeric Extract

    Curcumin-Pro Tumeric Extract


    Curcumin – the plant extract that’s spicing up our health
    Learn More
    Virgin Coconut Oil (250 ml)

    Virgin Coconut Oil (250 ml)


    Its antioxidants delay aging skin, provide relief from eczema and dermatitis, and nourish damaged hair. Learn More
    MoonMaid Botanical Skin Care - Vital Vulva Wild Yam Salve
    MoonMaid Botanicals Vital Vulva Wild Yam Salve. Learn More
    Bach Flower Remedies Honeysuckle
    Flower Essences
    Learn More
    Youth Gems Tonic

    Youth Gems Tonic


    Youth Gems® tonic
    Learn More

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