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Thisisnatural.com is an online marketplace for both certified natural and organic products. Manufacturers and natural distributors can easily make their products available to our passionate community of natural health enthusiasts, partner websites and loyal consumers. Both our community and our values are based on the health value, fair trade, traceability and sustainability of a given product.

Our community then benefits from natural products that have been grown and processed without the use of GMO’s, chemicals or pesticides. Our company demonstrates a commitment to creating and managing an Internet marketplace encouraging competition and value in pure natural and certified organic choices at reasonable prices assured by our global price match guarantee.

Health Value
Our company is networked with some of the leading natural health groups, scientists and doctors from around the world. In order to provide relevant content and customer support, we collect and collate information provided by these health professionals and other reliable natural health information sources. Factors such as published research citations, recommendations, testimonials and other indications of positive health value factors are well considered and explained in the Thisisnatural.com product and related information pages. Our editorial team is always uploading new information related to key health concerns and what the natural products industry is offering as potential ways to combat these concerns.

Fair Trade
As natural products become increasingly popular, the global demand increase is making it increasingly difficult for manufacturers and processors to find authentic, fairly traded ingredients is an increasingly difficult task to manage. Thankfully, the world has already recognised this constraint on botanical and assisted humans with the global management in these limited resources by the United Nations Convention on Bio-Diversity that was signed in 2000

There are a wide variety of Fair Trade Organizations and we are pleased to profile all the large and small Fair Trade bodies that exist around the world. All Fair Trade products are explained in terms of any specific money benefit to the growers or in reference to social projects that the Fair Trade program or producer and manufacturer have identified.

Traceability is the ultimate way to be sure about the specific origin of botanical ingredients. A key focus area for us is to embed information on ingredient origin. This new, exciting area of product classification aims to identify ingredients in terms of specific geographic source information in terms of harvest, processing and manufacture. We use visualisation and embedded Google Earth tools to show this information. Where possible, pictures, video and real life stories regarding where and how every ingredient is sourced and manufactured is available in a transparent and easy to understand format. Thisisnatural.com has established a traceability program with selected manufacturers to digitally present to consumers specific geo-location of organic and bio-dynamic ingredients. Integration of the Convention of Bio-Diversity discloses benefit sharing considerations for indigenous populations.

Natural health companies as well as organic certified produces are committed to environmental sustainability. Many of the stories surrounding sustainability issues are certainly an inspiration. Our community certainly appreciates products that have authentic sustainability case studies. As a marketplace of choices, we believe that our marketplace should include sustainability efforts so that this information can be compared by the customer along with price, health value and traceability factors.

What makes us really excited?
We are really passionate about knowing that every product sold in the natural and organic sector triggers a chain of re-actions that touches the entire globe. What make us most excited are the human stories surrounding natural products creations. It is a place where the real story of every natural creation and the customer experience and personal health stories can be shared. A place where there is always something fascinating from an exotic forest or a family farm and a place where we can discover pathways to better health from the world’s most brilliant natural health scientists, homeopath's, traditional healers and integrative health practitioners.

Best of all, we are excited that we can do more for you than just provide a great place to read about these products. We would like you to join with us in tasting, smelling, soaking and enjoying a selection of these products every month for free or factory door price, join the community; it takes just a second to be part of it all.

What we know
  • We know you have discovered us today because you, like us know what you want when you buy a natural product and it HAS to be, well, ALL NATURAL!
  • We understand what makes “natural” different to “organic”. We have an ever expanding collective knowledgebase of ingredients and processing types deemed acceptable and un-acceptable by the ThisIsNatural.com community.
  • Most of all we care what natural living can do for you, your child, him, her, us and them.
  • We are also genuinely excited about a new class of products that are bio-active organic based on ancient farming systems in remote places.
  • We hate knowing that there is next to no laws protecting consumers from buying a product that says it is natural but contains chemicals, GMO's, synthetics, artificial flavors and so forth (the forth is a long list).
  • We know that when a product label on our website says it is natural, there is absolutely no choice in the matter, it is!


What we don’t know
We don't know everything, but we do want to keep expanding our natural product marketplace and build our health knowledgebase for everyone in the community. So we have created a digital hub & interactive website called ThisIsNatural.com which holds together the interactions of thousands of natural product enthusiasts and stakeholders. We are not an industry body nor are we a library. We do believe that communication and e-commerce is the answer to change and therefore, we have created this marketplace that sits on the Internet every day busy making sure that real natural and organic choices are available to everyone.


What we know and know they know
We, like millions of consumers and fellow authentic natural and organic companies are flabbergasted that certain companies think they can continue to label a product “natural” yet clearly order supplies for the formulation from a chemical supplier. No one doubts they know exactly what they are doing. So really we believe we should all know what they know i.e. what goes into a product that you take to your house. We believe and encourage trust and transparency. We want to be one of the companies that often sets an example when it comes to truth in labels, source and natural and organic data. This is what we call being certified. It means the marketplace suppliers certify transparency, truth and the option of public opinion from our integrated web community.

Natural Says, Natural Does.