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Thisisnatural.com is an online marketplace for both certified natural and organic products. We offer our Website Business Partners direct revenue sharing opportunities from products and deals offered by Manufacturers and natural distributors.

Join our passionate community of natural health enthusiasts, partner websites and loyal consumers. Both our community and our values are based on the health value, fair trade, traceability and sustainability of a given product. This means you can be assured of clean, healthy, pleasing products. As the The Marketplace for Certified Organic & Clean Label Natural Products from Around the World we maintain a core commitment to creating and managing an Internet marketplace encouraging competition and with organic and natural brands that have a commitment to manufacture without the use of GMO’s, chemicals or pesticides. 

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From Social to Serious All Types of Content is Ready! 
Our company is networked with some of the leading natural health groups, scientists and Doctors from around the world. In order to provide relevant content and customer support, we collect and collate information provided by these health professionals and other reliable natural health information sources. Factors such as published research citations, recommendations, testimonials and other indications of positive health value factors are well considered and explained in the Thisisnatural.com product and related information pages. Our editorial team is always uploading new information related to key health concerns and what the natural products industry is offering as potential ways to combat these concerns. All our content is available for Affiliates whom we work with directly for maximum results to faster revenue building opportunities. 

Reasons to Join our Affiliate Program 
  • You know you have discovered us today because you, like us know what you want when you buy a natural product and it HAS to be, well, ALL NATURAL!
  • You understand what makes “natural” different to “organic”. We have an ever expanding collective knowledgebase of ingredients and processing types deemed acceptable and un-acceptable by the ThisIsNatural.com community.
  • You are also genuinely excited about a new class of products that are bio-active organic based on ancient farming systems in remote places.
  • You hate knowing that there is next to no laws protecting consumers from buying a product that says it is natural but contains chemicals, GMO's, synthetics, artificial flavors and so forth (the forth is a long list).
  • You know that when it comes to a Manufacturer producing a product label that says it is natural or organic, there should be absolutely no choice in the matter, the product should be clean from impurities!  


The Marketplace for Certified Organic & Clean Label Natural Products from Around the World