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Health Freedom Nutrition customer, deserve the freshest supplements made with the finest ingredients available. To that end, all Health Freedom Nutrition products are made in small, but frequent batch runs.

Fresh Thinking that says it takes a preponderance of scientific data before an ingredient can be incorporated into a Health Freedom Nutrition formulation.

Glucosagen One™ – After three weeks or so your joints will feel better.
Sleep Advantage™ – Take one or two an hour before bedtime and you’ll fall asleep and stay asleep.
Digestonal™ – Eases digestive discomfort quickly and naturally.
Allergy Answer™ – Unpleasant allergy symptoms quickly disappear when taken as directed.
Choline Supreme™ – You’ll think clearer and quicker and notice the improvement.
Calming Balance™ – Natural “Chill Pill” that noticeably reduces stress and anxiety.
Happiness 1-2-3!™ – Improves mood and outlook in 10 days or less.
GH Advantage™ – Noticeable energy boost before the first bottle is gone!


Science is the key to Fresh Thinking. Nutrition science has grown tremendously over the last 30 years, and it will grow exponentially over the next 30 years. Dale and his product development team spend countless hours pouring through scientific studies to ensure every product made available to you is backed by solid science.


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